In reference to my previous post called ‘possibilities’.

You never really consider that it is possible to make monsters out of people, with your fears. Life takes practise. Yet when we are exposed to situations with the same smell as a bitter taste what had been previously left in our mouths, it is so easy to be defensive.

It is our primal instinct to tell ourselves that there is something near to harm us, and send us back to what has perhaps been some of our darkest moments. But what if that familiar and unrequited smell is simply another human, navigating their way through life, upon the same path you came. They have waded through the same waters, and now they carry the same scent – yet simply because you saw them drenched, you assumed they had brought the water with them, to drown you.

It is a gross oversight for which I can say I am finally consciously guilty. The potential price is high. But I have wiped my eyes, and see the remnants of a place I have once been, strung all over you. I am only so sorry, that my fears meant that you were possibly a monster – and that this is the truth I found easier to accept, despite being more reluctant to do so.

Hurt can taint what may be good. Past pains leave us misunderstood.
A mixture of bittersweet regret and bravery.

But redemption can make some of these things new.
Life takes practise, and if it’s okay, I’d like to try again with you.

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